Cheryl Waiters, with Darnella Ford, author of Blood, Sweat, and High Heels

Cheryl Waiters was born the same year as Michael Jackson and she became a product/casualty of that same era. In her memoir, she narrates the story of her life against the backdrop of the political and social activities of the time.

She focuses on her journey as she recaps her life from  her birth to teenage parents; her first job proudly at the age of eleven; her service in the US Air Force; her graduation with an A.S. in Mechanical Engineering; her attendance at Cleveland University; and her Highly Successful Career as an Electrician.

Waiters describes how she overcame racial and gender bias to gain historic and international recognition as the only female who worked on both The Cleveland Indians, Jacob's Field and the Cleveland Cavaliers' Gund Arena first home of Lebron James and Waiters holds the distinction of working on some of America's most important landmarks. Her autobiography shows her tenacity as she continued to struggle for dignity, respect, and equality in treatment and pay on the construction jobsite.


Being born is like coming into the middle of a movie. You have to find out what happened before you arrived and catch up to where you are now.

Everybody has a life...but the true gift lies in the ability to express that "life force" in a way that is thought provoking, entertaining, inspiring and educational to anyone who might see that life. This life then becomes more----it becomes art.


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Look to Cheryl Waiters’ Life Story When Searching for Great Books about Successful Women

All of us deal with hardship and adversity in our lives, but very few of us have to deal with the incredible obstacles faced by Cheryl Waiters during her life and career as an electrical construction worker in Cleveland, Ohio. Finding a female construction worker is rare, and an African-American female construction worker rarer still, especially a couple of decades ago. But Cheryl Waiters broke through the stereotypes and the immense opposition from male co-workers in order to thrive at her seemingly improbable career. If you’re interested in books about successful women, then you need to look no further than Cheryl Waiters’ life for a real success story, captured eloquently in her riveting memoir, Blood, Sweat, and High Heels.

From early on, Cheryl Waiters knew that she could do anything a man could do, and probably do it better. But she never expected the incredible hardships she was ultimately going to face as she entered into the construction industry of Cleveland, Ohio. From having her work torn up and tools stolen to being sexually harassed in the most disgusting manner, Cheryl has experienced true hell in the workplace. But despite the revolting treatment, Cheryl showed up to work each day, all while continuing to endure the verbal abuse, racism, sexual harassment, and disrespect shown to her by her co-workers. Cheryl’s story will show you how courage and a belief in yourself can triumph over ignorance and hatred of the worst kinds. But Cheryl’s story is not a sexual harassment book; Blood, Sweat, and High Heels is a story about a changing America, the power of the human spirit, and the underappreciated power possessed by the female gender.

If you’re interested in books about successful women, then you will enjoy Blood, Sweat, and High Heels by Cheryl Waiters with Darnella Ford. This memoir is destined to become an American classic, so be sure to pick up your copy today  Cheryl Waiters is available for speaking engagements, so feel free to contact her today click on the Home Page and leave a message.

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Blood, Sweat, and High Heels among Best Books for Succeeding in the new world Available today

With social norms and tough-to-break stereotypes today, it can be difficult to instill a sense that a young girl can grow up to be whatever she wants or whoever she wants. But if you have a daughter, niece or other young woman in your family and want them to not only dream big dreams but also work hard to achieve those dreams, then you’ll want to provide them with a great and empowering book whose important message and lessons they won’t soon forget- Blood, Sweat, and High Heels. This incredible memoir written by a real-life stereotype-breaker and trailblazer Cheryl Waiters should be considered among one of the best books available today.

Cheryl Waiters isn’t your average construction worker. Being an African-American female electrician in Cleveland, Ohio has brought on a great deal of uproar in Cheryl’s life, but it hasn’t stopped her from continuing to reach for her dreams and accomplish a number of monumental successes. Blood, Sweat, and High Heels showcases the many tremendous hardships Cheryl faced in a male-dominated industry, including crushing sexual harassment, degrading racial bias, and humiliating verbal abuse from male co-workers. But through it all, Cheryl’s courage and ability to continue getting back up after being knocked down has propelled her to not only incredible success in the construction field, but also world-wide fame. Blood, Sweat, and High Heels is one of the great books for women on bookshelves today, and a must-read book for women and daughters everywhere.

Blood, Sweat, and High Heels will show your daughter that she can achieve the greatest heights of success no matter the odds or gender biases out there. You can purchase Blood, Sweat, and High Heels today on our website.  Be sure to follow Cheryl Waiters on Twitter and Facebook.

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