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...."Using women to appeal to a male-dominated audience is doing nothing but seeking the lowest common denominator, and it’s entirely wrong for an industry that should look to erase a long-held stereotype.

If it’s okay at a trade show, what’s to stop the guys from hooting when they’re back on the job site, or worse?

I just finished “Blood, Sweat, and High Heels” (no, it was not a film), a book by Cheryl Waiters, who worked as an electrician on some of Cleveland’s largest construction sites.

Here’s how she described working with men: “When I interacted with the men individually, they were civil to me. When they grouped together and formed ‘herd consciousness,’ they behaved more like cattle (i.e., animals) and it was in this mindset that they treated me like ____. The men…were one notch above cannibals, if that. I had never seen such disdain, disrespect, and absolute disgust of the female gender.”

What did they do to Cheryl? Well, the things I can actually mention here include trying to tip over a porta-potty with her inside, placing a dummy torso of a woman with its head, legs, and arms cut off in a gang box where her tools were stored, and of course, an ADT load of verbal and sexual harassment.... " from: by Frank Raczon From the blog: Big Iron

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